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Is it easy to make chocolates at home – of course

Now it time to make a really good impression among your friends and your family by making the best chocolates for them that they have never tasted in there life. The very buttery chocolaty yummy creamy tasty chocolates at HOME!! But if you want to have it just now then go and grab it from the nearest store. Umm no. sit .why to go to the store if you can make it at HOME!! Right …

Chocolates and its types…

Best hot dark chocolate:

A little bit of cocoa butter vanilla sugar and cocoa liquor. Mix it thoroughly in the perfect proportion and have your own chocolate, the best mouth melting chocolate ever. And distribute it among your family and friends and get the apparitions…

Mouth melting milk chocolate bar:

Twin of dark chocolate only differentiated with one difference i.e. milk. Yes in white chocolate we have to add milk. The touch of the white chocolates is soft creamy and the taste is sweet compared to the dark chocolate. Moreover there is extra sweetness in the white chocolate compared to the dark chocolate. It is not very bitter as the dark chocolate also.

Frosting white chocolate:

There are ingredients like milk sugar cocoa butter finely blended and add in to a big vessel. Then mix it very nicely till you fill the creamy mixture of it. Due to large milk content the mixture becomes softer and then the chocolate becomes more and more classy and unique.

Now the best chocolate recipes:

So lets start. There are three ways of preparing the best dark chocolate which is somewhat bitter semisweet in taste. It you want to have a bitter dark chocolate then add more cocoa butter and a very little amount of sugar. Add 75% round about of cocoa liquor in the mixture. Now for a bit of sweet dark chocolate definitely you have to add a fairly large amount of sugar in it to make it sweet. To get some flavor syrup can also add essences to it to enhance its flavor. Pour it into cocoa butter.

Now the second one. The second one is like this. Run straight to the nearest store and get the material used in the production. All the processes will be same but the only difference is that here instead of cocoa butter we will use the vegetables.


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